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Projects // Syphernet Group

This is all the current projects the Syphernet Group are currently involved in developing/re-developing.


Old and abandoned Projects can be found in the Archive.

Pure Boredom Media/Pure Boredom

Founded: 2008

Site Type: Media Division and YouTube Channel


About: Originally a name to add to any Machinima projects I made, Pure Boredom tried to grow into a fully fledge YouTube Channel.

Unfortunately, due to life, the YouTube channel was put on hiatus and in 2019 split off into Pure Boredom Media, a separate company handling all of Syphernet Group's media projects.

Pure Boredom Media currently handles Pure Boredom itself and DancingBeaver:Live, the upcoming live stream for Anthony.

Social Media

Founded: 2015

Site Type: Anthony's Personal Site and Portfolio


About: Anthony needed somewhere to put his Personal Stuff, this is that site.


Social Media




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